We are thrilled that you wish to become a client. We pride ourselves on providing the most exceptional experience to our clients and as such we are booked months in advance. If you wish to utilize our services, we encourage you to submit your inquiry here.
Guaranteed holiday gift wrapping dates are reserved for existing clients. We begin taking reservations for the current holiday season on June 1st. If you are not an existing client and wish to utilize our services for the 2022 holiday season, please click here to be added to our waitlist. Adding your name here does not guarantee a spot for the 2022 holiday season. You will be notified via email should a spot become available.
If you are not an existing client but are being referred to us by an existing client, inquire here. Being referred by an existing client is not a guarantee of becoming a new DGWC client. In some cases, it may expedite the process.
We are presently accepting new clients for the 2023 holiday season. To add your name to our waitlist, please inquire here.
For destination services, private transportation is preferred as this allows us to bring our design materials as well as the team required to complete your project successfully. We require an 8 week notice for international travel and at least 4 weeks for domestic travel.
We offer on-site gift wrapping services for corporate and private clients.
Pricing is unique to each project and is available upon request once DGWC has accepted your project.
Retainers for existing clients are due quarterly and guarantee a spot with DGWC for holiday gift wrapping services for that year. In some cases, providing a retainer may expedite your ability to become a DGWC client for that year.

Procurement service invitations are extended to existing clients once a year. For consideration of becoming a procurement services client, you must be an existing client with an established purchase history of at least 2 years. Purchase minimums begin at $25,000.00, not including our procurement services fees.

In person meeting requests are based on the unique nature of each project. We are always available via phone, text, or email.
We accept payments via credit card, ACH, wire transfer and check. Payments over $25,000.00 must be paid via wire transfer or check.
We accept international credit cards; however, when placing your order, you must enter the international billing address that is linked to your credit card.
Discretion and confidentiality are of the utmost importance to us. We will absolutely provide and sign any NDA’s our clients request.
Due to the extensive and very involved nature of our work, all sales are final.
The design process is fluid and as such DGWC reserves the right to make final design decisions and/or substitutions if necessary.
Unless otherwise requested and acknowledged in writing, you should assume that your gifts and designs may be utilized for our social media and advertising purposes. We are sensitive to your privacy and will respect advance written requests immediately.
We hold all our clients’ information in the strictest confidence. We value your trust and respect your privacy, and we will never disclose a client’s or recipient’s identity or other information to any third-party except, and only, to the extent required to provide our services.

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