The Promise of Excellence

The execution is always flawless, but the vision is exclusively yours. Immerse yourself in the creative possibilities of Dallas Gift Wrap Creations. Where soft pastels challenge traditional design elements and bold concepts come to life.

Tantalize your senses with deliberate patterns, unique textures, and the most exquisite color combinations. Dare to dream and discover the world of Dallas Gift Wrap Creations.

Our founder Anita Ivancevic-Burns and her team, pledge the most exceptional gift wrapping experience in the world.

Artisans of the Craft

Dallas Gift Wrap Creations begins with an overall design concept inception for each project and manages everything from the recipient list, gift receipts, wrapping paper, tissue, ribbon patterns, toppers, and monogramming.

Dallas Gift Wrap Creations caters to a wide variety of occasions, including holiday, wedding, anniversary, children’s gifts, charity fundraiser, corporate, special event party favors, birthday, procurement, engagement and everything in between.

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